Hunger games


Ed and I went on a 5 mile hike today with the dog. It was super nice and by the time we reached home it was later than we thought and we were ravenous. I opened the freezer and started rattling off various things that I could rustle up for dinner. But nothing seemed to appeal to Ed who then suggested going out to eat. I wasn’t too bothered as we really did have some decent food in the  house.

When our hunger gets beyond a certain point, it’s pretty safe to say we both get really argumentative. So we yelled at each other for a bit which always scares the dog, poor thing, and then Ed said that he really wanted to go to Islands the gourmet burger place. When questioned as to why he just didn’t say that in the beginning, he replied that he thought it would be too hard for me because I wasn’t drinking. Bless him!

It was so nice of him to take that into consideration, but I hope he knows now that there is no need to protect me or shelter things from me. I actually do not have a problem going somewhere and not drinking. In reality, when I did drink, I would always limit my public drinking and wait until I was safe at home and then guzzle as much as I wanted.

Tonight was lovely, I ate my burger and its massive calorie load without an ounce of guilt and Ed enjoyed his food and his guilt free beer! Later, we wandered around the rather busy mall. I was surprised to see so many people milling around and hanging out in the comfy outdoor  seating areas. I was always crashed out on the sofa at that time of night. I feel there’s a whole new lifestyle out there that I can now participate in and I can’t wait to go exploring. This sobriety  thing is getting better and better!


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