Stella ?

imageSo I’ve done 14 nights without wine. Yay! I had a really stressful  day today as I had to give a couple of presentations, but I’m so happy because I was able to do them without shaking! Double yay! I’m not saying I shook previously because of drinking, but for whatever reason  I would shake like crazy. I think there are a number of contributing factors why I didn’t shake today, confidence and  having a clear head are just two elements that spring to mind. It made such a difference whatever it was.

I was working until rather late last night getting the presentation ready and in the past I would have taken upon myself to have a nightcap or two or three to relax and help me sleep. Yeah, right!. But last night, although my head was still  in work mode,  I stuck to my guns and had some sparkling water and next thing I knew it was morning, with no hangover!

A couple of weeks ago, I would have treated tonight as a reason to hit the wine big style to celebrate getting through such a day. But quite honestly, there’s no way I want to break how great I feel. Why inflict flu like symptoms on myself when I can feel wonderfully healthy? It’s only been 2 weeks, but I hardly recognize the person I am right now. Stella who?


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