Yappy Hour(s)

imageResult! So two people have commented on my appearance today. One told me I looked nice (and no, they are not blind,) and the other asked me if I’ve lost weight (ok, so they were not wearing their usual glasses…) Normally I would go into work looking knackered and rough as heck, but nobody ever pulled me up over it thank goodness. I always blamed the bags under my eyes on just being an insomniac and having the loudest, yappiest  Westie dog living next door. I mean, who gets a bloody dog and leaves it outside all night and all day to bark, if you can call its high pitched persistent wailing a bark. Erm, yes….I am ever so slightly annoyed by the sodding creature, but more so by it’s selfish and thoughtless owners. How come they can’t hear it I wonder?

Anyway, back to me. Those two compliments have urged me to keep at this no drinking challenge more than ever. Only a selected few know about my personal challenge and to the best of my knowledge, my acquaintances are non the wiser about anything that goes on in my private life, good or bad.

I’ve been reading a lot of stuff on the internet over the past two weeks, and the same subject keeps popping up repeatedly. Announcing that you have quit alcohol causes people  to assume you had a huge problem in the first place. They just don’t seem to understand that maybe you just want to be in total control, or want to be super healthy, or just don’t want to bloomin drink just because society expects us to. When I quit smoking, I rarely heard anyone tell me that it’s ok to just smoke when I’m out with friends having a good time or on special occasions. Go on….treat yourself! But if you announce that you have quit drinking, they picture you downing whiskey with your Corn Flakes  at the crack of dawn. I’m not denying that I drank too much too regularly, but this is my own personal challenge to gain control over something I wasn’t happy with. Just like some cut out chocolate or sugar.

In British culture, It really is frowned upon not to get hammered at any occasion, and I was pretty good at it. But besides the hangover next day and feeling tired and rather sick, the paranoia that set in later was the killer for me. It made me sick in a much worse way that was only made better by drinking wine to numb my  mind come evening time. So I’m rebelling against it all and standing by what makes me feel good about myself. I don’t need the wine, I feel strong and in control. I’m happy, I look better. I have not lost weight according to the scales, but I do look less puffy and not so tired. And now if I do go to work looking shite, it really is the yappy dog’s fault. Amen.






4 thoughts on “Yappy Hour(s)

  1. Very funny, especially about the Westie. Those are annoying little yapsters. Here’s a great statistic from “The Naked Mind: Control Drinking.” Ninety percent of people who decide to quite drinking are not clinically addicted to alcohol. They are just health-conscious or smart, and are strong enough to break from the drinking culture. The books is not about controlling drinking, by the way. It’s about abstaining.

    Do you know what is the most insulting? When people I know who drink far more than I did say things like “Wow, I did notice you kind of tanking it there for a while.” Arghhh!

    I’m glad to see you are hanging in there. ; )

    — S

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