Stella 1 – Wine 0

imageSo I’ve now reached my first big goal of 30 days. It actually seems longer, as waking up with hangovers seems  like a distant not-so-nice memory. It has meant  a total change in my lifestyle and routine, and at times has tested my strength to absolute limits. It has not been easy by any means, but it has totally been worth it so far.

I have been continuing to read blogs on here and on Soberistas by people who are on or thinking about joining this new journey. In my very early days, the thought of reaching 30 days seemed like something I could only dream of reaching. I was so envious of the people who had a few weeks or months under their belts. The first steps are slow, heavy and exhausting. But that is just something that we have to get through in order to reap the benefits.

In reading some of those courageous stories, I have come across some that really make me wish that I could propel them forward a day or two so that they too can see  that it is worth battling through those tough times. Sadly, there isn’t a magic wand or some wonder drug that makes it an easy ride. I’ve seen smokers be guinea pigs for various quit smoking trails expecting overnight success. Of course they don’t succeed. The only easy way through any sort of change is if you truly know that you want it more than anything else. And I can’t stress enough that declaring that you are never going to drink/smoke/eat crap ever again is probably the best way to set yourself up to fail.

One of the reasons I have never gotten a tattoo is because how can I be sure that what I would be happy to have on my body right now is something I will like in 10 or 20 years time? Do I like the same things in my 40’s as I did in my 20’s? Not really…except for my family and  a handful of friends that survived the years. Our tastes, priorities, and interests change. So I can’t honestly say that I will never drink again. Who knows what is ahead of me? All I can say for sure, is that I don’t drink right now  and I don’t see myself drinking in the next few days or weeks. That’s as far as I’m going to predict right now.

Under no circumstances am I trying to preach to anyone on here, I’m just genuinely trying to offer support to anybody  reading this that feels overwhelmed or scared of failing. It is a challenge that you are in control of and you can plan your own path and  timeline as you go along. If you want it, you can do it. It is your choice, not a punishment. It is a choice.





11 thoughts on “Stella 1 – Wine 0

  1. Well done, you have done so well! I like your prospective on not focusing on forever and just taking it a step at a time. I will keep reading your blog and hope to be at day 30 at some point too 😉 Keep it up!


  2. I am just over 30 days and it’s amazing how long ago it seems that my every thought involved drinking — when I would start, what I would have, when I would stop. It does get MUCH easier after a couple of weeks. It’s also clear to me that the drinking itself causes depression. I’ve read that for years without really believing it, but it’s true. You are not the same person you were after a few weeks of not drinking. You begin to have hope in yourself again, and the world looks like a much friendlier place to be. ; )

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      1. I was just called out on a group text message for something I did (while drinking, of course) almost ten years ago. It was all in fun but still highly embarrassing. I barely remember the event, but everyone else is quick to fill in the details. Ugh.


      2. That was then and this is now! I dread to think what I could be called out on! Arghh. Well at least we are doing something about it now! Tell you what has surprised me this past week, I have one old friend who is rather horrified at my sobriety and has hinted that non drinkers think they are superior smug. Didn’t see that one coming, but my husband has reminded me that I wouldn’t have been happy spending an evening with non drinkers if I had another option.
        Well at least I’ve had my wild side of living, even if I don’t remember half of it!


      3. Wow, thank God people didn’t have those awful camera phones when I was young. There are probably no recordings anywhere for that reason alone. But you’re right — that was then. On to better things ….

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