First Birthday


A year ago today Sober Stella was born. Drunken Doris was laid to rest for a while to give me time to get my act together, crawl out of the deep hole that I was digging for myself and smell the roses.
To those of you embarking on this journey, I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it feels when the fog clears and the cravings ease. Some days are tough, even a year on, but never tough enough for me to slide down that ladder to day 1 again.
If im totally honest, my main aim in the beginning was to dry out for a while and then moderate and drink socially. That kept me going as thinking “forever” was way too hard. But as time went on, the less attractive drinking became. I could wake up after a party feeling and smelling like a daisy, fully aware that friends felt like shite and we’re drowning in shame and anxiety as they tried to piece together the fragments from the drunken blur of the previous night. God, I never want to go back to that, but I’m happy to be the person that they can turn to with a clear memory and no judgement!
My appearance has improved dramatically I like to think! I look much healthier, I weigh 20 lbs less and I can even look at myself in the mirror each morning and not be disgusted. Obviously, others have noticed a change in me, but I just tell them that I’ve chosen ‘clean living’ most of the time. They don’t bat an eyelid or assume I had any problem before. Phew! My immediate family know the truth and couldn’t be more proud of me. What the heck?  I couldn’t be more proud of me either!
There’s NO WAY I could have done this without the  Soberistas website. I’m pretty sure I will be a life long member on there as reading other blogs is so inspiring, be it hearing about a new member’s day 1, or another being a few years down the line. Thanks to everyone out there who writes on this topic. Every word makes a difference to someone somewhere.

RIP Drunken Doris, I never want to see you again! Off to celebrate this fabulous day and looking forward to another beautiful morning tomorrow!







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