18 Months AF


18 months without alcohol!   That’s almost 550 mornings. Beautiful mornings when I wake up and be proud of myself each day. No headaches, shame, or anxiety.  Those mornings have kept me going through the toughest of days and strongest cravings, even if it meant going to bed at 7:00pm to make the morning come faster.

I’m celebrating today. Not sure how yet. I might take myself out to lunch, or go and watch a movie. To me it’s so important to celebrate my sobriety in some way. I did this. I chose a different way and it wasn’t easy. Treating myself forces me to recognize that I’ve made big changes and keeps me going until the next milestone.

To anyone out there thinking about an AF life or in the early part of the journey, it really is a beautiful thing. I honestly can’t imagine what would make me want to go back to guzzling a bottle and a half of wine (or more) every night, and I never thought I would say that! I’d miss my lovely mornings so much! Have a great day!






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